Happy New Year! Ski Carefully.  This Week: Fun Videos, Almost Lost Ski Area, Where To Find Our Senior Ski Recommendations.

SKIING magazine editor and ski legend Doug Pfeiffer at a ski show sometime in the early 70s.

Another busy week at SeniorsSkiing.com’s press room.  We hope your holidays were happy, and that, as we head to the New Year, everyone reflects on their blessings and the promise of the year ahead.

We’ve apparently aroused major interest in our readership when it comes to skis for seniors.  We have had a great boost in the number of subscriptions (free, fun), but some new folks are having trouble finding our valuable content assets for subscribers only.  So, we spelled out simple instructions for finding our senior ski recommendations and for downloading our other free offers to subscribers. Just click here for directions.

Correspondent Cathie Judge, a long-ago colleague at SKIING magazine, sent us a nostalgia-tinged video reflecting the classic Harry Leonard ski shows of yesteryear.  Industry veterans will appreciate this view of the personalities that dominated the biz in those inchoate days. Thanks, Cathie.

We also found a cartoon from the 60s that shows how skiing was viewed from Goofy and Mickey’s perspective.  Kinda fun.  Thanks, Walt Disney.

We all know that owning a ski area is a challenging business.  Success depends on many factors that owners don’t have control over. As a result, as the industry grew, many small and medium-sized ski resorts have become “lost” over the years, trails overgrowing and property reverted to condos or other uses.  The great exception in this story is Laurel Mountain in Western Pennsylvania.  Laurel was built around the same time as Cranmore Mountain, NH, another pioneer area.  And, it was backed by some of the same moguls.  Better, the trails were laid out by none other than Hannes Schneider.  Thanks to correspondent Pat McCloskey for bringing this story of reclaiming an almost lost ski area to us.

Next week we will be bring you more resort reviews, advice on using old equipment, a report on Stein Eriksen Day in Utah, and more.

As you enjoy winter sports this week, please remember that SeniorsSkiing.com depends on you telling your friends about us.  There really are more of us everyday, and we aren’t going away.

Happy New Year 2017!

Flipping out at a 60s ski show.

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