Started at Copper in ’76, OHG Now Around the Globe.

[Editor Note:  This report on the Over The Hill Gang was written by Steve Lipsher and originally posted on the Copper Mountain Blog. Here is a link to the original article.]

Over The Hill Gang poses on Copper Mountain. Not exactly a club, OHG is open to anyone 50+ and has spread around the globe. Credit: Copper Mt.
Over The Hill Gang poses on Copper Mountain. Not exactly a club, OHG is open to anyone 50+ and has spread around the globe.
Credit: Copper Mt.

It’s easy to spot members of Copper Mountain’s Over the Hill Gang: sexagenarians, septuagenarians and octogenarians blasting down the slopes – often hooting and hollering – decidedly not acting their age.

The Over the Hill Gang was created at Copper Mountain in 1976 by part time instructors Moe Mosley, Bill Magill and Tom Stein. Their vision was simple; encourage skiing as a lifelong sport for skiers over the age of 50 and share their passion of the sport.

“If it wasn’t for the OHG, I probably wouldn’t be skiing,” said Dyann Gray, explaining that for lack of companionship on the slopes many seniors simply give up skiing when spouses lose interest or physical abilities.

OHG member Norman Crawford said he probably was lucky to get in four to six days of skiing a season before joining the group. Last year he skied 50+.

Each group of eight to 10 skiers is accompanied by a certified Copper Mountain ski instructor, who serves as guide, cheerleader and low-key instructor.

“They help members improve, either when asked or when they see something that needs a little tweaking,” said Jennifer Walker, who coordinates the classes and instructors on behalf of the Copper Mountain ski school.

On a recent day with the “Club Decline” group – skiers who could ski anywhere on the mountain but who are deliberately toning it down – OHG guide Steve Hultquist offered general group guidance about technique and specific tips to individuals.

Given the suggestion to look at the spaces between the pointy moguls, for example, Gray bragged that she had “slithered” down a slope that previously had given her nightmares.

OHG member Mary Goodwin said the pro advice and gentle peer pressure/examples set by fellow skiers have produced positive results for her.

“I ski better now than I did 20 years ago because of these guys,” she said.

Many participants take delight in discussing pacemakers and replacement joints. “If you took a metal detector around here, it’d go ‘ding, ding, ding,’” Swain laughed.

The group gathers 52 days a season – Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays – and members can take advantage of special instruction, such as a two-day bump clinic, women’s workshops, and ski-school lift-line privileges.

Part ski club, part social group and all fun, the club has spawned chapters and associated groups at ski resorts around the world over its 39 years of existence. Last year OHG received the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame’s “Top of the Hill” award.

OHG is open to anyone 50 or older. Membership is $400 for the season ($200 for those 80+). Four-day mini-memberships and a one-day trial are available with cost applied to full membership to those who inevitably are hooked.

To learn more about the Over the Hill Gang, e-mail [email protected] or call (970) 968-3059.



  1. Susan Driscoll says:

    So membership for $400 for 2018/2019 includes the pass and membership, right? Do instructors put you in groups of your ability? Would not make you ski big moguls if you can’t?

  2. Eric D Johnson says:

    I have an Ikon Pass, which allows me to ski Copper all season. Can I join the OHG without the season pass? I recently moved to Silverthorne and could use the companionship.

  3. Jane Chamabers says:

    I am very interested in your group. I love Copper and would love to give the group a try. We spend the month of March in Frisco and ski Copper frequently. I’m hoping I might be able give your group a try on either Tuesday or Wednesday 3/22 or 23.
    Thanking you in advance.

  4. Patricia Scott says:

    I am 70 years old and have skiied with oxygen for several years due to heart failure. I admit I don;t have to stamina to ski the blacks anymore, but still ski greans and easy blues. I do not feel comfortable skiing by myself, because although self suffient, I do need a little help some times, .I an dying to ski but have nobody to ride up withor to your ski with at this time.. Most of my friends have quit skiing. Do you think there is any place in your group that I would fit in.

  5. I am a very active 68 year old – now senior skier. I log about 60-70 days per season. My professional career was in healthcare. I was the former CEO at Vail Valley Medical Center. I live in Evergreen Colorado. My 3 boys are grown and off on their own. My spouse and I are separated (divorce pending). I am very much looking for friends and companions who share similar interests and life experiences. If this short BIO resonates with others in your club, I would love to find out more.. Thanks so much for any insights you may provide.

    John H. Cassin

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