X-C Resorts Offer Discounts, Amenities For Senior Skiers.

Special Thanks to Roger Lohr, Editor and Publisher of XCSkiResorts.com for pointing out these snow-country x-c resorts that are specially accommodating to seniors.

Nordic skiing director at Bretton Woods, NH, is 84 year old Ellen Chandler. Credit: Roger Lohr
Martha Chandler, 84-year old mother of Bretton’s Nordic Center director Ellen Chandler, glides along.
Credit: Ellen Chandler

About a quarter of the cross country (XC) skiing population is older than 50 years old, and, as Baby Boomers continue to age, we are remaining active—many of us are looking for softer or easier forms of recreation and cross country skiing and snowshoeing fit that prescription.

It is important for older people to exercise because it can help fight both physical and psychological maladies. Everyone understands the need to stay physically active and there is a growing body of research indicating that physical activity is beneficial for the brain, particularly the hippocampus, which is that part of the brain where working memory partially resides and is most susceptible to problems associated with aging. There is extensive evidence that outdoor exercise has positive impacts on sleep, depression, and anxiety. No matter how old you are, it just makes you feel good, too.

The SeniorsSkiing.com 2015 Subscriber Survey showed that the priorities of the older skiers include: discounts; easy access to the area facility from the parking lot; newsletter or website pages dedicated to specific activities catering to older skiers; instruction or guide tailored to older skiers; and a meeting place or set-aside areas in the lodge for seniors.

There are XC ski resorts and lodging establishments that have those senior-friendly characteristics and the incentives almost always include discounts for older people. At Canmore Nordic Center in Canada, trail fee discounts begin at age 55, while most ski resorts set a higher age for lower-priced season or daily passes. At Bear Valley Nordic Center in CA, skiers aged 60-69 get a 28% discount on trail passes and those aged 70 and older get 60% off. At Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, MT there is a discount for skiers aged 60-69 while it is free for those aged 70 or older to access the ski trails. They also apply a senior discount for season passes. This is a popular way that most ski areas attract the older skier segment.

One of the age-old concepts is that many senior skiers are retired and as such, they have more flexibility in their weekly schedule. During the week, most cross country ski areas have few patrons, thus the development of group offers, activities, and programs such as at Lutsen Resort in MN where there is a Sunday-Thursday discount offer on lodging rates that includes free XC ski or snowshoe gear and a guide. The Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon, MI (and other XC ski areas in MI) has the Silver Streak Week (Monday-Friday on January 11-15, 2016) with complimentary facility access, free hot cocoa, and free demos.

Jackson Ski Touring has easy-ski programs for seniors. Credit: JSTF
Jackson Ski Touring has easy-ski programs for seniors.
Credit: JSTF

Programs such as Jackson Ski Touring’s Friday Gliders & Easy Sliders and Tuesday Trekkers provide a group experience that’s taken advantage of by mostly older folks. Such programs coordinate a scheduled weekly outing for groups such as the Easy Sliders, which is a group of skiers who cross country ski on easier trails (and they get tips from a guide) or the Tuesday Trekkers snowshoe group. For these examples, the Jackson Ski Touring Center in NH is the starting point, and, after the tour, people meet back at the lodge for an après ski spread with wine and cheese, fruit, coffee. There’s even a masseuse on hand to offer massage for tips. Garnet Hill Lodge in North River, NY, hosts a weekly snowshoe club and Cross Country Ski Headquarters reports a similar group regularly drives two and half hours from Grand Rapids to visit and ski the area.

At Lapland Lake Vacation Center in Northville, NY there’s a Silver Strider discount trail pass and the weekly “Soup-er Seniors,” which includes a free bowl of soup on non-holiday Thursdays starting in January.

Road Scholar” is a brand within the Elderhostel program intended for adults (many who are seniors) who want to travel, learn and stimulate discourse and friendship among other people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime. The Craftsbury Outdoor Center hosts week-long Road Scholar XC ski programs during the winter months with programming inspired by the hostels and folk schools of Europe offering short term academic experiences to adults. This year, Craftsbury Outdoor combines XC skiing and snowshoeing with yoga programs, film programs, and dance programs.

The folks taking advantage of cross country ski offers are proof that you’re never too old to get out and enjoy nature in the winter. If you are an older skier or someone who would like to try cross country skiing or snowshoeing, check an XC ski resort near you for special programs.

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  1. Cathy Kramer says:

    Please send a list to me of the x country ski resorts near Texas. That offer senior type programs. Or groups that offer x country vacations.
    My husband and I are 66 and 64 and would like to do this with a group. Thank you.
    We know about road scholar. Are there others? Thanks.

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