Safe Descents provides ski and snowboard evacuation insurance in an uncomplicated manner and at very attractive prices. I just purchased coverage for the entire season for $56.99.

For that amount, Safe Descents covers any ambulance or air evacuation services if I’m injured in-bounds at any ski resort in the United States. That’s in addition to other coverage like sending a loved one to the hospital and/or getting me back home following my hospital stay. These and other benefits have a maximum of $25,000. The company’s policies are underwritten by the global Starr Indemnity and Liability Company. Safe Descents recently started to advertise with

Before making my purchase, I googled “snow skier’s insurance” and clicked on a few of the options that popped up. Without getting too far into the details, what I found was confusing, exclusionary, and expensive. The websites were complicated. In one case, after filling in all the details, the site informed me that it doesn’t insure people 70 and older. In another case, insurance for a one-week ski trip in the US was quoted at $319. Granted, these appear to be general travel insurance plans tweaked to include a skier’s emergency evacuation needs, but it still was pricey.

The Safe Descents coverage is strictly for ski and snowboard evacuation insurance. The company’s website is in plain language and easy to read. (Click on the adjacent Safe Descents ad to reach the website. It rotates with the Ski Mojo ad.) The online enrollment process is simple and to the point. At present, two products are offered: The one I purchased is for the entire season and costs $56.99. The other offering is for a day of skiing/boarding and costs $4.75.

Last year, at Copper Mountain, I sat in the base lodge, while members of the ski patrol, a fireman and a policeman tried to convince a man who had hurt himself to use the waiting ambulance to go to the hospital. He refused because his insurance would not cover the cost. He planned to wait to see if his injury got worse and if it did, drive there himself.

I know that some healthcare plans provide a portion or all of necessary ambulance and/or air evacuation services. But those services add-up quickly. The coverage offered by Safe Descents will cover the difference. A season’s coverage for $56.99 — at Vail or Aspen, the cost of a few burgers and beers — simply makes sense. It’s good value for peace-of-mind.


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