Following Last Week’s Publication Of’s List Of US Resorts Where Seniors Ski Free, We Received Numerous Corrections From Readers.



Mad River Glen in Vermont and Hunter Mountain in New York don’t have freebies; Bear Valley in California and Gunstock in New Hampshire do. The list has been updated to reflect those and other changes.

Some areas have prices so low that they’re virtually free. For example, Snow Basin in Utah has a $99 season pass if you’re 75. It’s not “free,” but it is quite the bargain. The footnote on the last page had been altered to cover that type of bargain.

We’re confident that there are other such bargains we haven’t captured. As you come across places offering free or “virtually free” skiing, please let us know. We’ll inform readers as the information comes in.

In the meanwhile, make the most of the list and suggest that other senior skiers subscribe so they, too, will have access to that list and other valuable Subscriber Only content.

States with the most areas offering free or “virtually free” skiing:

  • New Hampshire: 12
  • California: 11
  • Minnesota: 10
  • New Mexico: 8
  • Pennsylvania: 8
  • New York: 7
  • Maine: 7
  • Vermont: 6
  • Oregon: 6
  • Colorado: 5
  • Washington: 5

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