Following Last Week’s Publication Of’s List Of US Resorts Where Seniors Ski Free, We Received Numerous Corrections From Readers.



Mad River Glen in Vermont and Hunter Mountain in New York don’t have freebies; Bear Valley in California and Gunstock in New Hampshire do. The list has been updated to reflect those and other changes.

Some areas have prices so low that they’re virtually free. For example, Snow Basin in Utah has a $99 season pass if you’re 75. It’s not “free,” but it is quite the bargain. The footnote on the last page had been altered to cover that type of bargain.

We’re confident that there are other such bargains we haven’t captured. As you come across places offering free or “virtually free” skiing, please let us know. We’ll inform readers as the information comes in.

In the meanwhile, make the most of the list and suggest that other senior skiers subscribe so they, too, will have access to that list and other valuable Subscriber Only content.

States with the most areas offering free or “virtually free” skiing:

  • New Hampshire: 12
  • California: 11
  • Minnesota: 10
  • New Mexico: 8
  • Pennsylvania: 8
  • New York: 7
  • Maine: 7
  • Vermont: 6
  • Oregon: 6
  • Colorado: 5
  • Washington: 5

If you’re a current subscriber,  access the full list by looking under the COMMUNITY>SUBSCRIBER-ONLY CONTENT menu picks.  If you aren’t a subscriber, give us your name and email address (free by the way), and you’ll be good to go.


  1. I can’t find the virtually free list.

  2. Powder Mountain Resort in Utah has free skiing for 75+.

  3. Missing is Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana where skiing is free at age 70.
    WMR is ranked in the top 10 of North American ski resorts by SKI magazine

  4. Howard Glick says:

    I was 82 last year at Telluride and was given a free season pass.

  5. Sugar Mountain in SC (near Beech) also offers free skiing for 70+, they just don’t advertise it much

  6. I have tried repeatedly, but I get only a blank page after clicking community, then subscriber.. It is just blank white, NO list of resorts

  7. Bear Valley Ski area CA will comp skiers over 70 yo with valid ID. It is a great place to ski in the middle of the week with challenging and fun runs to ride or ski on.

  8. Anything reduced or free in Canada or Europe?

  9. Richard J Nowak says:

    Can not get listing for New Hampshire

  10. Dennis Pecoraro says:

    Interested in Senior offers

  11. Merlyn Knudson says:

    Is free skiing available in Colorado if you’re over 80??

  12. Steve Myrvang says:

    I’m 70 and want to know where I can ski free.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Hi Steve: Our list of places where skiers can ski for free or almost free is under Subscriber Only Content on the top menu. We are currently updating the list for 2018-19 including Canadian areas. Thanks for following

  13. Susan Charkoudian says:

    All I get is a screenshot of free skiing in six states. How can I view the rest? Thanks!

  14. Michael Hudick says:

    How do I access the table listing discounted senior skiing?

  15. Clyde E Nunn says:

    In California “Tahoe Donner” is no longer free to 70+, however Diamond peak at Incline on Lake Tahoe is free for 80+

  16. I would like the complete list of free ski resorts for seniors

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Hey Sam: You can download the PDF by clicking on the third box from the left at the top menu bar. Just follow the prompts.

  17. This is a great service.
    Somehow, more ski areas need to be encouraged to offer free or very minimal cost fees since the majority of seniors have a fixed income. If you consider the other expenses such as transportation,
    lodging, equipment, etc.. then the lift tickets are just a fraction of the cost of skiing. Skiing is one of the best ways to stay in shape in the wintertime months, so could it be argued that it can offset the costs of healthcare of an older population? That could reduce the cost of Medicare– slightly I admit, but every little bit helps.

    John Moore — d.o.b. 4/17/40

  18. Robert Hudson says:

    What about 50 and over free ski lift tickets

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Hello Robert: Most resorts that offer free or almost free skiing for seniors start at an average of 67 years. Most start at 70. Some older than that. If you find a resort that offers free skiing at 50, please let us know. We’re buying a condo nearby.

  19. Where do you get the idea that Bear Mountain has free or nearly free skiing for seniors? They took away the lower-priced pass for seniors this year, and their pricing FAQ says:
    “Is senior pricing available?

    No. Discounted senior pricing is not available. Individuals 18 and older should purchase an Adult Pass.”

    That is an unequivocal “NO” to seniors. This affects both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. See:

    • Michael Maginn says:

      The mid-week daily lift ticket price for 65-74 at Bear Valley, CA, is $33, compared to an adult rate of $79. Weekend and Holiday for seniors is $39 versus $95. While certainly not free, our view is that those prices are pretty good. But, you’re right, there are no serious discounts at all for season passes for seniors.

  20. Arizona Snowbowl offers free skiing for 70+

  21. Charles, Quandt says:

    I’m 72 and passionate about skiing

  22. Charles, Quandt says:

    Senior skiing was fabulous idea.

  23. Terry Thomas says:

    Señor skiers need to contact Alterra Mountain Co, [email protected] and request that Squaw/Alpine Meadows offer free skiing to skiers age 80 and over. Since they control 14 resorts + Heli skiing it would be good public relations to us seniors and show the senior skiers how well Alterra Mtn. Co wishes to treat us.

  24. How about updating this list for 2019-2020?

  25. Christopher Lehman says:

    Very interested in getting back to skiing.

  26. Need a current 75+ free skiing areas in the us

  27. Marshall Reilly says:

    Like to see list of senior free skiing areas.What is URL?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Look under subscriber-only content. We are late this year in updating the list, but last year’s is still posted and might be helpful.

  28. I am 63.

    I live in Vermont.

    What senior deals are there for me?


    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Roger, We no longer publish the North American resorts where seniors ski free or at deeply discounted rates. Pricing has become a moving target, dependent on date purchased, etc. That said, a few months ago, I looked at websites for most NE areas. Best deals are for 80+ skiers. Cannon Mountain has a $39 midweek season pass for 65+ residents of NH, and Butternut has a $99 season pass for 70+. If you wait until you’re 90, you’ll be able to ski free at Sugarbush (assuming there’s still snow). Roger, Are you related to Josh, who grew up in Pittsfield? Jon

  29. Edwin T. Bartlett says:

    Age for free skiing in Colorado?

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